Clockwork Angel
Hello there, my name's Wraith, inventor, wanderer, expert fixer of broken things and petty dabbler in the arts.
I originally invented my wings as a way to escape, but I realized along the way that if I didn't fix my world, than no one else would.
I hope one day my world will be repaired, but until then I will continue to wander and mend all that I can before my light goes out.

((Ask/basic communication blog dedicated to character development, potentially nsfw, tracking the tags lovewraithjones and notesofwraithjones (for the complicated/long rps) ))
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Do you have anyone on here you consider a friend?

One or two, not very many. But it’s not for the reason you think.

Traveling from place to place can make it hard for me to make personal connections with people. And while I like to think myself open and sociable for the most part, friend is a word I’m very hesitant to use.

It feels to me in most cases to be either a gross exaggeration or alike to an insult.

I don’t have a lot of friends, I have acquaintances and a bit of an extended family.

And I’m happy with that.

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How did you get that bandage?

How does anyone acquire a bandage, it’s just a pad of gauze and adhesive- you mean the injury, don’t you?

Silly me, let’s just say attempting to repair a set of motorized flapping metal knives can be a bit risky at times.



((I’m not even sorry, she’s adorable.))

((I’m not even sorry, she’s adorable.))

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Finish “You are the most _____ person I’ve ever met” in my ask box

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❝ I wish I could believe about myself what I tell to others. ❞

- Wraith Jones.

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Send me a ♥ and I’ll fill out

If we kissed?

[] Quickie.
[] Tongue.
[] Softly bite your lip.
[] We wouldn’t.
[] Long and meaningful.
[] Let’s hit up the bedroom.
[] You remember last time?
[] Awkward…
[] Lol no.

Would I go out with you?
[] Yes, definitely.
[] No.
[] I want to, but it wouldn’t work.
[] Maybe. 
[] Nope, you’re like family.
[] You’re cute, but probably not.
[] Just simply not my type.
[] If I knew you better.
[] Already did.
[] I don’t know.

If we took a picture together, we’d be…
[] Hugging each other.
[] Just chilling.
[] Holding hands.
[] Kissing.
[] Acting dumb.
[] Normal picture.
[] You holding me from behind.

You are…
[] Cute/Pretty.
[] Good looking.
[] Sexy.
[] All of the above 

You + me + room = …
[] Movies.
[] Cuddling.
[] Hanging out.
[] Kissing.
[] Playing games.
[] Everything.
[] Wouldn’t let you in.

You should…
[] Hit me up.
[] Be mine.
[] Marry me.
[] Reblog this so I can send you a heart.
[] be studying

If we got married, I’d…
[] Divorce you.
[] Make kids.
[] Take your money and bounce.
[] Smash every day.
[] I would cheat on you.
[] Be faithful.
[] Kill you in your sleep 
[] We wouldn’t

So I was looking to buy another dragon while I was waiting for Azure’s egg to hatch and I came across this little sweetie. I didn’t even give her this name, she had it when I got her.

So naturally it had to happen.

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